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How We Help the Grid

Electrical grids are facing new challenges due to a structural evolution of supply: intermittency of production is strongly increasing with growing renewables; large numbers of consumers become producers; big cities face pollution issues that can lead to closure of some power plants; grid congestions limit the use of distant assets.

By generating and aggregating energy savings and distributed flexibilities as an alternative to thermal plant production, Voltalis is one of the most simple and effective technologies to address these new issues.

A Solution That Benefits All
Use residential flexibility to keep the grid in balance, promote clean MWh and integrate renewables
A new way to manage local congestions and avoid grid reinforcements
Create new and disruptive offers, improve customers loyalty, optimize your portfolio of assets, reduce your costs
Energy consumer
Empower your consumption and save energy, manage your price plans and reduce your bills


PV self-consumption
Subsitute to thermal plant
Ancillary services
Renewable firming
Dynamic pricing
Peak demand management
Congestion management
Home Energy Management & Apps
Remote control
Virtual thermostat
Comparison / advice
A Comprehensive Aggregation Platform

Designed for residential & medium/small C&I

Small flexibilities - Very large volumes

Field proven at a large scale - Industrial grade solution for massive roll-out

Industrialized Processes

Mastering the whole process from customer engagement to production & operation

Case Study

In France, Voltalis has used its technology to enter the market as an independant aggregator
100,000 homes and C&I sites already participate in our demand response program

Open case study
About Voltalis

Voltalis has been founded in 2006 by experts from Energy, Internet of Thing, Software and Telecom sectors with the ambition to raise awareness of the potential of demand-side management and propose an innovative solution to the new paradigm faced by grid operators and utilities.

10 years later, more than 100,000 individuals have trusted us and chosen to become more active in their energy efficiency by participating in our residential demand response program. Thanks to them, we had the opportunity to change mindsets and proove that another alternative is possible: electric systems can be steered through demand.

Patented - International
9 years of R&D
6 years of field operations

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